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Ideas for IELTS Writing Task 2 – Advertising

Advertising là một trong những chủ đề cũng khá phổ biến trong IELTS Writing Task 2.

Hôm nay sẽ đưa ra cho các bạn một số gợi ý trả lời đối với câu hỏi dạng bài này nhé.

Advertisements are becoming more and more common in everyday life. Is it a positive or negative development?

Có 2 khía cạnh trong câu hỏi này mà các bạn cần phải có ideas để trả lời nhé:

1. Positive Effects of advertisement:

  • advertisements provide customers with information about products or services:
  • people can make better shopping choices:
  • Enrich people’s knowledge about various aspects of life
  • Help people know more about technological devices such as smartphones
  • help manufacturers expand their market and reach out to their customers quickly
  • advertisements help increase sales of a product

2. Negative Effects of advertisement:

  • An organization has to spend a huge amount of money on advertising -> increase the cost of their products or services
  • create the desire and taste for new products which are not actually necessities of life
  • encourage people to buy things they do not need
  • some advertisements are harmful to children
  • exaggerated and false claims are made in many advertisements
  • Many advertisements are highly objectionable because they undermine values and ethics.

Trong các ý ở trên, có ý nào các bạn không hiểu thì hãy comment ở dưới bài, sẽ giải thích cho các bạn kỹ hơn nhé.

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